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  • Val-Lube AW Hydraulic Oils

    General purpose hydraulic fluids formulated with refined paraffinic base oils to provide excellent anti-wear protection, oxidation and corrosion inhibition, as well as foam and aeration suppression.

    • Val-Lube AW 32
    • Val-Lube AW 46
    • Val-Lube AW 68
    • Long-life protection up to 5,000 hours
    • Premium anti-wear hydraulic oil inhibits rust, corrosion and oxidation
    • Remains stable when exposed to moisture and at extreme temperatures
    • Demulsifying additive to help separate water rapidly
    • Designed for applications where long lubricant service life is required.
    • Also recommended for use in other applications which require a long life premium anti-wear fluid such as in turbines, pumps, machine tools, gear drives, circulating oil systems, oil mist systems, etc.
    • 5 gal. pail
    • 55 gal. drum
    • 275 gal. tote
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  • Val-Lube Clear Way Oils

    Environmentally friendly food grade slideway lubricants.

    • Val-Lube Clear 68
    • Val-Lube Clear 220
    • Formulated to provide superior lubrication for industrial ways and any application where an adhesive tacky “clean” lubricant is required
    • Sulfur free. Helps control and limit bacteria growth in machine sumps
    • Excellent candidate for industrial slideways that require environmentally qualified products.
    • Approved under H-1 Specifications for incidental contact with food. Comply with FDA guidlines for food contact
    • 5 gal. pail
    • 55 gal. drum
    • 275 gal. tote
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  • Val-Lube EP Gear Oils

    heavy duty EP (extreme pressure) gear lubricants (GL-4) formulated for use in industrial gear sets, bearings, circulating systems and gear reducers.

    • Val-Lube EP 68
    • Val-Lube EP 100
    • Val-Lube EP 150
    • Val-Lube EP 220
    • Val-Lube EP 320
    • Val-Lube EP 460
    • Val-Lube EP 680
    • Protect gears and bearings by providing excellent load carrying capability, water demulsibility, oxidation stability and corrosion resistance
    • Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability
    • Exceptional performance in high load and/or extreme temperature operations.
    • Enclosed gear sets calling for EP Gear Oil
    • Gear sets with spur, bevel, spur bevel or herringbone gears
    • Plain and anti-friction bearings and chain drives
    • Manual transmissions and gear reducers calling for EP Gear Oil
    • Bath, splash, circulating or mist systems
    • General plant lubrication where EP performance is needed
    • 5 gal. pail
    • 55 gal. drum
    • 275 gal. tote
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  • Val-Lube RO Oils

    Premium circulating and turbine oil for industrial applications

    • Val-Lube RO 32
    • Val-Lube RO 46
    • Val-Lube RO 68
    • Provides sludge and deposit control
    • Rust and corrosion protection for all system components
    • Excellent water separation and demulsibility
    • Excellent anti-foam and rapid air release
    • Recommended for applications calling for rust and oxidation inhibited oils
    • A myriad of assorted industrial applications: hoists, electric motor bearings, machine tools, etc.
    • Gear sets calling for AGMA RO Oil
    • Gas, steam and hydraulic turbines
    • Air compressors
    • Industrial bearings
    • Circulating systems
    • 5 gal. pail
    • 55 gal. drum
    • 275 gal. tote
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  • Val-Lube Spindle Oils

    Light viscosity spindle oils formulated for lubrication of high speed and machine tool spindle bearings.

    • Val-Lube Spin 3
    • Val-Lube Spin 10
    • Val-Lube Spin 22
    • Formulated to provide outstanding protection against rust and oxidation while demonstrating good lubricity
    • Reduces sludge, varnish and deposit formation
    • Designed for use in all types of spindle bearings, including high-speed spindle bearings
    • Fully compatible with elastomer materials commonly used for static and dynamic seals, such as nitrile, silicone and fluorinated (e.g. Viton) polymers
    • 5 gal. pail
    • 55 gal. drum
    • 275 gal. tote
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  • Val-Lube Way Oils

    Formulated for use in the slide ways of planers, grinders, horizontal boring machines, shapers, jig borers and milling machines.

    • Val-Lube Way 32
    • Val-Lube Way 68
    • Val-Lube Way 150
    • Val-Lube Way 220
    • Formulated to eliminate “stick-slip” a lubrication problem in slow moving, heavily loaded, slides and ways
    • EP and anti-wear protection
    • Non corrosive to ferrous and non ferrous metals
    • Fully approved for use in Cincinnati Milacron machining centers.
    • Slides and ways of machine tools
    • Lathes, planners, shapers, grinders, drills, tapping machines
    • Lightly loaded gear sets with spur, bevel, spur bevel, spiral bevel, herringbone gears
    • Plain and anti friction bearings and chain
    • 5 gal. pail
    • 55 gal. drum
    • 275 gal. tote
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