Val-Lube AW Hydraulic Oils

//Val-Lube AW Hydraulic Oils

Val-Lube AW Hydraulic Oils

General purpose hydraulic fluids formulated with refined paraffinic base oils to provide excellent anti-wear protection, oxidation and corrosion inhibition, as well as foam and aeration suppression.



  • Val-Lube AW 32
  • Val-Lube AW 46
  • Val-Lube AW 68
  • Long-life protection up to 5,000 hours
  • Premium anti-wear hydraulic oil inhibits rust, corrosion and oxidation
  • Remains stable when exposed to moisture and at extreme temperatures
  • Demulsifying additive to help separate water rapidly
  • Designed for applications where long lubricant service life is required.
  • Also recommended for use in other applications which require a long life premium anti-wear fluid such as in turbines, pumps, machine tools, gear drives, circulating oil systems, oil mist systems, etc.
  • 5 gal. pail
  • 55 gal. drum
  • 275 gal. tote
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