Val-Lube RO Oils

//Val-Lube RO Oils

Val-Lube RO Oils

Premium circulating and turbine oil for industrial applications



  • Val-Lube RO 32
  • Val-Lube RO 46
  • Val-Lube RO 68
  • Provides sludge and deposit control
  • Rust and corrosion protection for all system components
  • Excellent water separation and demulsibility
  • Excellent anti-foam and rapid air release
  • Recommended for applications calling for rust and oxidation inhibited oils
  • A myriad of assorted industrial applications: hoists, electric motor bearings, machine tools, etc.
  • Gear sets calling for AGMA RO Oil
  • Gas, steam and hydraulic turbines
  • Air compressors
  • Industrial bearings
  • Circulating systems
  • 5 gal. pail
  • 55 gal. drum
  • 275 gal. tote
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