Val-Sol Machine Cleaner

//Val-Sol Machine Cleaner

Val-Sol Machine Cleaner

All purpose, industrial strength foaming cleaner and degreaser that penetrates, and emulsifies all washable surfaces.



  • Combines emulsifiers, surfactants and detergents to clean virtually any surface not harmed by water
  • High density clinging foam allows it to be used on vertical and irregular surfaces as well as horizontal surfaces
  • Removes lipstick, dirt, grease, heavy soil build-ups, tar, oils, pencil marks, hand prints, and other common film deposits.
  • Engines, Maintenance Equipment, Chrome, Vinyl Upholstery, Stainless Steel, Formica, Baseboards, Walls, Ceramics, Whitewall Tires, Linoleum, Sinks, Bathtubs, Cabinets, Plastics, Wood Surfaces, Metal, Enameled Surfaces
  • Appearance
    • White Foam
  • Odor
    • Fresh
  • Flammability
    • Level 3 Aerosol
  • Packaging
    • Case of (12) – 20 oz. cans
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