Val-Sol Penetrating Oil

//Val-Sol Penetrating Oil

Val-Sol Penetrating Oil

Fast acting to quickly free frozen parts and loosen dirt, corrosion, scale and other binding elements.



  • Outstanding penetrant that loosens the toughest rust
  • Penetrates creep between mating parts for faster, safer loosening
  • Foaming action minimizes run off and keeps more product working on the rusted part

Pins, Joints, Machined Parts, Nuts and Bolts, Screws, Pipe Couplings, Gears, Fasteners, Studs, Pipe Fittings, Tools, Hinges

  • Appearance
    • Clear Spray
  • Odor
    • Petroleum
  • Flammability
    • Level 3 Aerosol
  • Packaging
    • Case of (12) – 16 oz. cans
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