• Val-U-Clean – Sump cleaner used when coolant is removed from the machine and cleaner is recirculated with water.
  • K-5-P – In process cleaner, fluid is added to the coolant and dislodges difficult to reach sludge and contaminants while machining parts. Cleaner should stay in the machine no longer than 48 hours.
  • Val-U-Clean FE – Premium ferrous metal cleaning formula.
  • Val-U-Clean NF – Premium non-ferrous metal cleaning formula.
  • Val-U-Clean MMC – Premium multi-metal cleaner.
  • Val-U-Clean HPSC – Multi-metal high pressure steam cleaner for operations over 135°F.
  • Val-U-Clean EDG – Equipment Degreaser formula.
  • Val-U-Clean CFFS – Controlled foam floor scrubber cleaner.
  • Val-U-Clean BHGC – Multi-purpose 100% biodegradable cleaner for heavy greases, asphalt and graffiti.

ValCOOL® – a cutting fluid system with synergy