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Automotive & Transportation Metalworking Fluids

Machining fluids play a critical role in the manufacturing of numerous car components. As a market leader in superior-quality metalworking fluids, ValCOOL is trusted by industrial clients all over the globe. We manufacture high performance metalworking fluids for the automotive and transportation industry, as well as other lubricants and fluids designed to maintain and improve production. 

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Heavy-Duty Fluids for Demanding Applications

Automotive/Transportation component manufacturing requires fluids that can withstand high stress, temperatures, pressures, and harsh environments. While ValCOOL manufactures and supplies a wide range of metalworking fluids for the transportation industry, several core products are top choices for industry leaders worldwide:

  • HOSS 80 EXT: Microsoluble coolant with excellent bio-stability and foam free properties
  • Emerald Cut WSX: High performance polymer based coolant providing exceptional insert life
  • VP Honing Oil: High flashpoint oil, that will not blind filters and leaves best-in-class finish
  • VP 950 : Non-ferrous synthetic coolant for grinding and machining

Other solutions include VP Aqua Form II, a synthetic petroleum free forming fluid with exceptional anti-weld properties.  Val-Swiss 10 and Val-Swiss 22 are high performance Swiss lubricants that make their way into automotive operations requiring the highest performance of cutting oil technology.

Besides metalworking fluids, our catalog includes lubricants and aerosols for industrial applications. Our light-viscosity spindle oils are excellent for high-speed spindle bearings while Val-Lube Way Oils are standards in the industry for lubricating slideways in borers, grinders, planers, and milling machines.

Your Metalworking Fluid Experts

For nearly 30 years, ValCOOL has delivered exceptional-quality industrial fluids with world-class customer service. As company that focuses on the highest of quality, we're a choice provider of metalworking fluids, lubricants, and cleaners, for automotive components and other manufacturing fields. To request a quote and get your questions answered, contact us today.

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Featured Products

ValCOOL has an entire portfolio of industrial fluids found in manufacturing facilities across the globe. However, there is no doubt most people know ValCOOL due to our machining fluids. Below is a cross-section of some of our top selling products. Whether you are looking for semi-synthetics or cutting oils, machining Inconel or aluminum, have the latest in CNC technology or have 50 year old manual machines, ValCOOL chemistries can help optimize your process.

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Success Stories

Although people often think of ValCOOL as manufacturer and supplier of metalworking fluids, we at ValCOOL like to think of ourselves as a provider of solutions. This can be no more evident than in the success stories that countless companies have achieved in working with us. Below you can learn how companies partnered with ValCOOL to take their operations to new levels.

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