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Industries Served Nuclear, Defense, & Firearms
Nuclear, Defense, Firearms (NDF) Industry

Metalworking Fluids for Firearms & Ammunition

At ValCOOL, we understand the firearms, ammunition, and defense manufacturing industries all maintain strict tolerances for optimal performance of finished products.  As a supplier to these industries, we realize the importance of adhering to strict the business guidelines and often times the necessity to provide specific ammunition metalworking fluids to meet certain specifications and requirements.

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Metalworking Fluids for the NDF

Manufacturers of ordinances, munitions, firearms, missiles, etc. often drill and mill products that require unique fluids. The performance of these fluids has to be best-in-class while often times chemical requirements might be strict. For instance, many naval nuclear companies require sulfur, phosphorous, and chlorine free metalworking fluids and lubricants.

ValCOOL firearms metalworking fluids are designed for the NDF industry are tasked with the requirement to machine a broad range of alloys from steel, lead, nickel, chrome, aluminum, brass, and tungsten to name a few.  These fluids must be of the highest quality as often times mission critical components are being manufactured. 

These chemicals are extremely popular in traditional metalworking fluids and the replacement of these raw materials with other chemical can prove challenging. ValCOOL has met this challenge.

  • VP 690: Water-based semi-synthetic machining fluid with MIL-STD 2041E certification
  • VP Honing Oil-SF: High performance hon
  • VP 950: High performance synthetic fluid free of chlorine, sulfur, and phenol
  • VP Clear Way: Sulfur-free food grade slide-way lubricant (ISO 32/#1, ISO 68/#2, ISO 220/#4)
  • VP Gun Drilling Oil: Excellent drilling and surface finish properties, used by gun drillers worldwide

Your Source for Premium Firearms Metalworking Fluids

No matter what type of defense, firearms, ammunition, or nuclear component you are machining, ValCOOL has a product for your process.  We are proud to share that numerous Fortune 500 companies and recognized private companies in the NDF industry have made ValCOOL technologies the gold standard of fluids in their daily processes.  Whether or not you are looking for microsoluble, semi-synthetic, synthetic, or straight cutting oil technologies contact us today to learn more.

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Featured Products

ValCOOL has an entire portfolio of industrial fluids found in manufacturing facilities across the globe. However, there is no doubt most people know ValCOOL due to our machining fluids. Below is a cross-section of some of our top selling products. Whether you are looking for semi-synthetics or cutting oils, machining Inconel or aluminum, have the latest in CNC technology or have 50 year old manual machines, ValCOOL chemistries can help optimize your process.

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Success Stories

Although people often think of ValCOOL as manufacturer and supplier of metalworking fluids, we at ValCOOL like to think of ourselves as a provider of solutions. This can be no more evident than in the success stories that countless companies have achieved in working with us. Below you can learn how companies partnered with ValCOOL to take their operations to new levels.

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