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Fluids & Coolants for Metalworking

ValCOOL's core over the years has been machining fluids. Products in our machining fluid line consist of straight oils, soluble oils, semi-synthetics, and synthetic chemistries. These products are found in thousands of customers throughout the Western Hempisphere providing best-in-class performance. 

Although most people equate ValCOOL to high performance machining fluids, the reality is our product portfolio rivals the portfolios of the top global metalworking fluid companies. ValCOOL manufactures an extensive line of forming fluids, rust inhibitors, industrial cleaners, industrial lubricants, and shop aerosols. If an item you buy comes in a pail, a drum, a tote, or a can there is a good chance ValCOOL makes a suitable alternative that just might have some value added benefits.

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Why Choose ValCOOL®?

Orders shipped within 24 hours

SCAQMD Rule 1144 Super Compliant Fluids

Custom blended formulas if needed

Additional Benefits

  • Complete line of metalworking fluid products
  • Orders shipped within 24 hours
  • Economic offsets to lubricants from major oil companies
  • Aerosol based products – cutting oils, layout inks, cleaners, tapping fluids
  • SCAQMD Rule 1144 Super Compliant Fluids
  • High performing non-chlorinated technologies
  • High pressure foam free metalworking coolants
  • Focus towards on-site technical service and support
  • Custom blended formulas if needed
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Corrosion Inhibitors

Over the last decade, our product line has become significantly more broad and deep with the manufacturing and supplying of corrosion inhibitors and cleaners. ValCOOL makes a complete line or corrosion inhibitors with an entire spectrum of properties.  Our cleaner line consists of products to clean and disinfect CNC sumps to state-of-the-art cleaners to clean dissimilar metal parts in high pressure cleaning systems.


Lubricants and aerosols are auxillary lines to our metalworking fluids and found in almost any manufacturing facilities. ValCOOL lubricants directly cross over products from some of the world's largest lubricant companies. Our tight line of aerosols (only 10 products) was developed to key in on the main aerosols that our field engineers see in the marketplace.

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Forming Fluids

Rounding out the ValCOOl portfolio is our latest segment of products - forming fluids.  This line came into existence in 2018 and with soluble oils, straight oils, and synthetic chemistries.  Upon matching the correct product with application, ValCOOL forming fluids can help draw, stamp, form, punch, or extrude any product being produced.

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Featured Products

ValCOOL has an entire portfolio of industrial fluids found in manufacturing facilities across the globe. However, there is no doubt most people know ValCOOL due to our machining fluids. Below is a cross-section of some of our top selling products. Whether you are looking for semi-synthetics or cutting oils, machining Inconel or aluminum, have the latest in CNC technology or have 50 year old manual machines, ValCOOL chemistries can help optimize your process.

ValCOOL, LLC is Committed to Manufacturing and Delivering High Quality Products with Exceptional Customer Service.

Meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations is what we do best. We will become a total quality company by continuously improving all of our work processes to satisfy our internal and external customers while adhering to regulatory guidelines.

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Success Stories

Although people often think of ValCOOL as manufacturer and supplier of metalworking fluids, we at ValCOOL like to think of ourselves as a provider of solutions. This can be no more evident than in the success stories that countless companies have achieved in working with us. Below you can learn how companies partnered with ValCOOL to take their operations to new levels.

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