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Synthetic Forming Fluid

AQUA FORM II is a high versatile synthetic forming fluid that is free of mineral oil, chlorine, and sulfur.  The metalworking fluid is based on many of the latest generation natural ester-based chemistry while being fortified with non-halogenated anti-wear additives.  AQUA FORM II can form ferrous and non-ferrous alloys distinguishing itself from other synthetic metal forming lubricants the more difficult the operation.  

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Features & Benefits


  • Low odor
  • Will not blind filters
  • Parts formed can be welded and painted


  • Suitable for the forming on most alloys
  • Works in a wide range of operations
  • Coats evenly over metal surfaces
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AppearanceClear straw color
Solubility100% in water
OdorMild Industrial
Specific Gravity.90
Viscosity @ 100oF60 SUS @ 100oF
Flash PointN/A
Sulfur %0.0%

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Additional Details

Applications & Usage

AQUA FORM II can be used to punch, draw, stamp, extrude or form all alloys in all operations. As with all products, testing should be conducted to assure desired results are achieved before moving into full production.

The product can be applied in numerous ways. The product can be run neat or diluted as far as 20 parts water, one part AQUA FORM II. Common application for this product is sprayed or flooded; however, the product can be painted, dipped, and or brushed.

Health & Safety

See the most recent SDS which is available directly from ValCOOL, your local salesman, or authorized distributor. ValCOOL uses only raw materials not listed as carcinogenic by IRAC.

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