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Lubricants & Oils for Metalworking

ValCOOL manufactures and supplies large amounts of industrial metalworking lubricants and oils to manufacturing companies throughout North America. What started out as pull through sales, i.e. customers purchased ValCOOl coolants so they also purchased ValCOOL lubricants, has turned into a strong segment of our business. ValCOOL's lubricant business does not focus on PCMO and other transportation lubricants but rather the industrial manufacturing market. In this market, our product performance meets or exceeds the performance of most major oil company offerings while our pricing is very attractive. We are selling you a quality lubricant with excellent performance not an oil with and "expensive name." Contact us to find the right lubricant for your application.

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Questions About Our Products?
Contact our Sales Engineers.

Our Sales Engineers are widely regarded as the most competent and responsive in the business: they know the material, the workpiece, the tools and the fluids that you need to make it right. Together with our Field Application Engineers, they’re available with on-site assistance and technical support when you need it.

Solutions through innovative technologies

Industrial Lubricants Cross-Over

AW Hydraulic FluidVal-Lube AW 32DTE 24Tellus 32Rando HD ISO 32Hyspin AWS 32
Val-Lube AW 46DTE 25Tellus 46Rando HD ISO 46Hyspin AWS 46
Val-Lube AW 68DTE 26Tellus 68Rando HD ISO 68Hyspin AWS 68
Slideway LubricantVal-Lube Way 32Vactra 1Tonna S2M 32Way ISO 32Magna GC 32
Val-Lube Way 68Vactra 2Tonna S2M 68Way ISO 68Magna BD 68
Val-Lube Way 150Vactra 3Tonna S2M 150N/AMagna CF 220
Val-Lube Way 220Vactra 4Tonna S2M 220Way ISO 220N/A
Val-Lube Way 68*N/AN/AN/AN/A
Val-Lube Way 220*N/AN/AN/AN/A
Spindle OilVal-Lube Spindle 3Velocite 3N/AN/AN/A
Val-Lube Spindle 10Velocite 6Spindle 10Rando HD ISO 10Hyspin Oil 10
Val-Lube Spindle 22Velocite 10Spindle 22Rando HD ISO 22Hyspin Oil 22
EP Gear OilsVal-Lube EP 68600 XP 68Omala 68EP 68EP Gear 68
Val-Lube EP 100600 XP 100Omala 100EP 100EP Gear 100
Val-Lube EP 150600 XP 150Omala 150EP 150EP Gear 150
Val-Lube EP 220600 XP 220Omala 220EP 220EP Gear 220
Val-Lube EP 320600 XP 320Omala 320EP 320EP Gear 320
Val-Lube EP 460600 XP 460Omala 460EP 460EP Gear 460
Val-Lube EP 680600 XP 680Omala 680EP 680EP Gear 680

Services We Offer

ValCOOL’s metalworking laboratory is ready to serve our customers in the areas of field sample analysis, comparative analysis, and tribological efficiency tests. We support our partners with videoconferencing and onsite coolant training revolving around best practices with metalworking fluid management. Members of our team are often found in the field assisting with trial startups and optimizing the use of fluids to provide the lowest usage cost possible. ValCOOL wants to share our fluid expertise with the industry.”

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