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General Purpose Process Cleaner

Excellent in-process cleaning fluid that eliminates the need to increase downtime for machine maintenance. Simply, fill up your machine with 2-5% of the K-5-P cleaner (mix directly with machining coolant), circulate for 8 to 48 hours, and remove fluid. This CNC cleaning product is meant to be an in-process cleaner meaning that parts can continue to be machined while the cleaner has been added. Please remember, the K-5-P cleaner has a relatively high pH so be aware of any acid-base reactions that might occur with the introduction of an alkaline cleaner. Most machining fluids are alkaline in nature so complete 100% complete compatibility is often no issue.

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Features & Benefits

This product is a versatile concentrated cleaner used for surfaces, sumps, and inside coolant lines and fittings to remove gummy and oily deposits.

K-5-P can be used on dirty and bacteria-filled machines and as a general-purpose food cleaner.

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AppearanceClear Blue
Density8.9 lbs/gal
pH, (20:1 mix with water)12.5

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Applications & Usage

Method A

For dirty machines or before filling machines for the first time with metalworking fluids:

  1. Empty machine sump and lines of all coolant.
  2. Remove all chips, metal fines, and sludge.
  3. Fill coolant system with K-5-P diluted with water, 10 to 20 to 1.
  4. Circulate solution for no less than 2 hours.
  5. Hand wash or spray all dirty machine surfaces not reached by flow.
  6. Drain sumps and coolant lines. If system is free of bacteria, save cleaner for additional machine cleaning.
  7. Refill and circulate thoroughly with fresh water, then drain while removing any remaining chips, metal fines, and sludge.
  8. To prevent rust, immediately refill machines with Precision Fluids Coolant, circulate, and wipe all surfaces.
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Method B

For normal scheduled plant maintenance:

  1. Dilute K-5-P to a ratio of 20 to 1, and add to contaminated sumps.
  2. Circulate for no less than an eight-hour shift
  3. Hand wash machine areas not reached by coolant flow.
  4. Pump out degraded coolant, metal fines, chips, and sludge. Drain coolant system lines. Dispose of trade waste according to all state and local regulations.
  5. Refill system with fresh water, circulate, and rinse thoroughly.
  6. Drain sump and coolant lines. Dispose as above.
  7. To prevent rusting, immediately refill system with Precision Fluids Coolant, circulate, and wipe all surfaces.

Excellent for cleaning surfaces of machines, tools, hard
surfaces, and floors. Floor scrubbers dilute 20 to 1.

Toxicity & Handling Precautions

Contents: Alkaline Cleaner. If in contact with eyes, immediately
wash with clean water for 15 minutes. If ingested, pump
stomach. Contact the safety manager or a physician. K-5-P
has the properties of a detergent; therefore, prolonged contact
may cause minor skin irritation. Exercise care consistent with
good practices. Adhere to prevailing OSHA safety regulations,
guidelines, and/or procedures for this type of product. Refer to
the Safety Data Sheet for additional information.

SDS can be requested by Contacting Us.

Health & Safety

See the most recent SDS which is available directly from ValCOOL, your local representative or authorized distributor. ValCOOL uses only raw materials not listed as carcinogenic by IRAC. 


Fluid compatibility and machinability should always be tested first; as fluid concentration, metal alloy, and machining operation are variable. 

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