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Val-Lube AW Hydraulic Oils

AW Hydraulic Oils & Fluids

Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil For Industrial Applications

Val-Lube AW Hydraulic Oils are general purpose hydraulic fluids formulated with refined paraffinic base oils to provide excellent antiwear protection, oxidation and corrosion inhibition, as well as foam and aeration suppression. All grades have excellent demulsibility characteristics. The premium AW hydraulic fluids specially formulated to suppress foaming while also allowing rapid air release, improving hydraulic system performance and helping to prevent pump cavitation. Oxidation inhibitors provide control of sludge and varnish deposits, and increase service life. ValLube AW Hydraulic Oils provide excellent service in hydraulic systems and air compressors, industrial bearings, hoists and machine tools, and circulating, splash, bath and ring lube systems for bearings and gears. 

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Available Sizes

AW Hydraulic Oils are available in the following sizes: 

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5 gal. pail

5 gal. pail

55 gal. drum 

55 gal. drum 

275 gal. tote

275 gal. tote

Features & Benefits


  • Long-life protection up to 5,000 hours
  • Premium anti-wear hydraulic oil inhibits rust, corrosion and oxidation
  • Remains stable when exposed to moisture and at extreme temperatures
  • Demulsifying additive to help separate water rapidly
  • Good foam inhibition
  • Meets the requirements of leading hydraulic pump manufacturers for
    anti-wear type hydraulic fluids in both vane- and piston-type pumps
  • Demulsifying additive to help separate water rapidly.
  • Longer pump life due to outstanding wear protection in a wide
    variety of in-plant and mobile equipment.
  • Excellent thermal stability

Product Approvals

Val-Lube AW Hydraulic Oils meet or exceed the following

  • Eaton-Vickers 35VQ25A for M-2950-S (Mobile) and I-286-S (Stationary)
  • Bosch Rexroth Racine Model S
  • Parker Hannifin (Denison) HF0/HF2/T6H20C
  • Meets ASTM D6158 HM
  • Meets DIN 51524-2
  • Meets ISO 11158 L-HM


 Val-Lube AW 32 Val-Lube AW 46 Val-Lube AW 68 
API Gravity @ 60°F 29.0 28.5 28.0 
Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt 32.0 46.0 68.0 
Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt 6.52 7.68 10.40 
Viscosity Index 163 151 155 
Flash Point °F 350 390 390 
Pour Point °F -49 -45 -40 
Low Temperature Pumpability Pass Pass Pass 
Dielectric, min. KV +35 +35 +35 
Rust Test Pass Pass Pass 
ISO/DIS 4406, min rating 16/14/11 16/14/11 16/14/11 
Color, ASTM D-1500 2.0 max 2.0 max 2.0 max 
Oxidati on Life, ASTM 943, Hrs. 5000 5000 5000 

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Applications & Usage

  • Designed for applications where long lubricant service life is required.
  • Also recommended for use in other applications which require a long life premium anti-wear fluid such as in turbines, pumps, machine tools, gear drives, circulating oil systems, oil mist systems, etc.

Available Grades

  • Val-Lube AW 32
  • Val-Lube AW 46
  • Val-Lube AW 68

Health & Safety

See the most recent SDS which is available directly from Valcool, LLC, your local salesman, or authorized distributor. Valcool, LLC uses only raw materials not listed as carcinogenic by IRAC.

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