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Heavy Duty Gear Oils

Val-Lube EP are heavy duty EP (extreme pressure) gear lubricants (GL-4) formulated for use in industrial gear sets, bearings, circulating systems and gear reducers. The extreme pressure gear oils protect gears and bearings by providing excellent load carrying capability, water demulsibility, oxidation stability and corrosion resistance.

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Available Sizes

Val-Lube EP is available in the following sizes: 

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5 gal. pail

5 gal. pail

55 gal. drum 

55 gal. drum 

275 gal. tote

275 gal. tote

Features & Benefits


  • Protect gears and bearings by providing excellent load carrying capability, water demulsibility, oxidation stability and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability
  • Exceptional performance in high load and/or extreme temperature operations.
  • Multipurpose lubricant designed for use industrial gear sets, bearings, circulating systems calling for an EP Gear Oil.
  • Available in viscosity grades from ISO VG 680 to ISO VG 680 (AGMA 2EP to 8EP)
  • Provides EP and anti-wear performance.
  • FZG 211+, Timken OK load 60+lb.
  • Rust and corrosion protection for gears, bearing and circulation system components.
  • Excellent water separation and demulsibility.

Available Grades

  • Val-Lube EP 68
  • Val-Lube EP 100
  • Val-Lube EP 150
  • Val-Lube EP 220
  • Val-Lube EP 320
  • Val-Lube EP 460
  • Val-Lube EP 680


 Val-Lube EP 68 Val-Lube EP 100 Val-Lube EP 150 Val-Lube EP 220 Val-Lube EP 320 Val-Lube EP 460 Val-Lube EP 680 
AGMA Grade 2EP 3EP 4EP 5EP 6EP 7EP 8EP 
Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt 68 100 150 220 320 460 680 
Flash Point, COC ⁰C/⁰F 221°C / 430°F 223°C / 435°F 226°C / 440°F 232°C / 450°F 232°C / 450°F 235°C / 455°F 238°C / 460°F 
Pour Point, ⁰C/⁰F -31°C / -25°F -30°C / -22°F -23°C / -10°F -20°C / -4°F -12°C / 10°F -9°C / 15°F -9°C / 15°F 
Color (max value) 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 4.0 4.0 4.0 

Typical test data are average values only. 

Minor variations which do not affect product performance are to be expected during normal manufacturing.

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Applications & Usage

  • Enclosed gear sets calling for EP Gear Oil
  • Gear sets with spur, bevel, spur bevel or herringbone gears
  • Plain and anti-friction bearings and chain drives
  • Manual transmissions and gear reducers calling for EP Gear Oil
  • Bath, splash, circulating or mist systems
  • General plant lubrication where EP performance is needed
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Health & Safety

Use the same care and handling as for any petroleum product. Provide adequate ventilation as products have a distinctive sulfur-phosphorous odor. See the most recent SDS which is available directly from ValCOOL, your local representative or authorized distributor. ValCOOL uses only raw materials not listed as carcinogenic by IRAC.

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